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We Build Your Brand Using
Digital Technologies

Mindread is Branding and Digital Technology Solution Provider.
This is the way to help a business to build a Brand.

We create world-class Brand Using Digital Technologies.

We start with Brand Strategy.

 It’s the Blueprint that tells us who the brand is, whom they exist for, and how it will stand out in a busy market.

What we do

Branding Strategist

Our Job as strategies is to be the client’s guide on the side. For Businesses, we provide them with a complete package to get them started. Then we can measure the results and adapt as we go.

Branding Strategy

We start with brand strategy. It's the blueprint that tells us who the brand is, whom they exist for, and how it will stand out in busy market.

Branding Designs

Then we develop the brand identity to attract the ideal audience. Its purpose is to show the brand's personality: how it looks, communicates and behaves.

Digital Marketing Strategy

This is used in our marketing material. We use digital marketing to create awareness and put the product in front of the right people.

Corporate Video Making

Ad film is a one of the best strategy for branding. We connect businesses with their target audience with emotional bonding.

Search Engine Optimization

We put you top on the search engine results. Technically we are experts in Search Engine optimization and Analytics.

Social Media Marketing

We will connect businesses with their target audience using engaging social media presence.

Technology Solutions

Web & Software

Automating businesses and their process is an essential thing for all companies. We provide the best web design service & Best Software Development service for clients. 

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Web Design & Development

What's the most important thing for a business website? We might say a great design, easy navigation, or compelling content. We create attractive website.

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E-commerce Development

Are you looking for a reliable and easy-to-use ecommerce website?Look no further than ours! Our website provides a simple and convenient platform for online sale.

App Development

Are you looking for a way to automate your business? App Development may be the perfect solution for you! We will develop custom applications to streamline your business processes.

Here are some of our clients

We are providing the Best Branding Solution for our clients. Reading your mind means understanding your needs. 

Let's scale up your business

Mindread is an Onestep solution for all your branding & business automation needs. 


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